Monday, May 19, 2014

Diamond in the Ruff

"Sometimes the heart can see what is invisible to the eye."
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Tonight I am sincerely thanking God for blessing me with my husband.  From day one, he has seen potential in me that I couldn't even see. 
As I'm on this journey of embracing me and walking in my purpose, I am encouraged by my husband's support.  He has been my biggest cheerleader.  And, he motivates me to try again when I feel like I have failed at something.  I truly love and appreicate this man.
Honey, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me.  Thank you for your infinite love and devotion.  I love you. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Desire

"Chance made us sisters, hearts made us friends."
Author Unknown
I am thankful to God this evening for knowing what I desire, without me having to ask.   

I was thinking of my family and friends back home and missing them today.  I made a huge sacrifice when moving here years ago because that meant I had to leave them there.  One would think that by now I wouldn't miss them as much, but I still do.  Yes, after fourteen years, I still get home sick.

Tonight my other best frined, my sister called me.  I was soo happy to have an opportunity to really talk to her.  We ended up talking for over two hours.  Very rare do we get the chance to talk for that length of time anymore.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and felt much better after we hung up. 

Praise God for His infinite knowledge of me!     

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pride not Wanted

Sitting back reflecting today, I think on how for so long I've had very high expectations of myself.  Whereas it is easy for me to overlook others shortcomings, I would find it almost impossible for me to do the same regarding myself.  I learned a while ago that pride was the culprit of me being so hard on myself. 
Recognizing pride's ugly green face, I had to stop and force him to stay outside today.  I was beginning to get really down on myself about a problem I was dealing with.  I had to make an effort to remind myself that I am still growing; I'm still an imperfect woman being perfected!  Today, I had to remind myself that I am still loved by God!

Friday, May 9, 2014

TGIF; Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY; Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

As I sit back and reflect on the week I've had, I have to say I'm thanking God it's Friday.  Each day we get the chance to see is definitely a gift in itself.  However, I have to say I tend to have a little more appreciation on most Fridays.      

I'm wishing all mothers and those who are celebrating their moms a Happy Mother's Day weekend!  Don't take one moment of this weekend celebrating your mom for granted.

For those like myself who have lost their moms, or who for some reason may be having a difficult time this weekend, I pray an abundance of peace and comfort for you.   May some of your memories cause somewhat of a smile to display on your face.

Be safe until we meet next week.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Before I completely shut down, I want to take a moment to wish all of you a pleasant night of rest.  I looking forward to tomorrow.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Serenity Prayer

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

Have you ever prayed this prayer?  What would it be like for you to completely accept what is to be, courage to make a change where you can and let go those things you can't do anything about?

This prayer reminds me of an area in my life that continuously need perfecting.  Although I know we are not supposed to worry (be anxious) about anything, there are times when I find myself once again trying to control things I absolutely have no control of.  

Today I was reminded of this prayer and had to step back from a situation I was beginning to "worry" about.  The more I thought about the situation and tried to think of ways I could control the outcome, the more anxiety I began to experience.

God truly knows what we need when we need it.  As I read my Devotionals today, I was encouraged to have faith, surrender and speak life to my situations, including this one currently experienced. I knew this was divine because both Devotionals touched on the same message.

Taking a deep breath and surrendering my need for control, I began to exercise my faith.  I can't tell you how much difference that made for me.  As I remembered this certain prayer and began to speak life to this situation, things began falling into place.  Feeling somewhat reprimanded, I couldn't help but think that sometimes I make things more difficult than they have to be.

As I write this post tonight, I smile to myself because I can see my growth.  In my past, I would have been defeated by worry.  In my past, I would have done everything else other than surrendering it to the One who ultimately has all of the control.

Tonight I thank God for this prayer.  I praise Him for being patient with me when my flesh rise up and starts to get in the way.  Tonight I take serenity in knowing there is someone who will always have a better answer, more control over a situation than I ever will.  I am able to acknowledge the fact that I'm only human and still a work in progress.  I am able to prepare myself for peaceful rest knowing that all is well and God absolutely has my back!

I pray that if ever you find yourself in a similar situation, you will remember this Serenity Prayer and let go.  Trust me, there isn't a more qualified being that can work that situation for your good!